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May 24 2018

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Catch Signs of Sprinkler Trouble Early with Preventative Maintenance Checks

Colorado has had yet another dry winter, so residents in the area are, rightfully, a little bit concerned about their plants. While there's little that individual property owners can do about the increased fire risk and the less than impressive ski season, they absolutely can take action toward ensuring that their own plants and lawns are receiving enough water despite the drought. For one thing, they can perform a comprehensive evaluation of their irrigation systems to determine whether or not it's time to call for denver sprinkler repair.

Catch the Problem Early

As with most things in life, the best way to ensure that a sprinkler system is in good shape is to perform preventative maintenance. By recognizing the problem early and calling for Sprinkler repair Denver CO can often avoid more expensive repairs later down the line and can extend the longevity of their sprinkler systems. Property owners can either hire a professional to provide seasonal maintenance or they can perform these checks themselves, but either way, they should do it soon before summer arrives.

How to Perform Basic Maintenance Checks

First, close all of the system's manual drains, which should have been left open before winter arrived, and slowly open the main valve to fill the system with water. Be sure to open one of the control valves while pressurizing the system so that air can escape through the sprinkler heads. Next, run the sprinkler system one zone at a time and check for signs of leakage and accurate spray patterns.

If any of the nozzles or sprinkler heads are clogged, now is the time to clean them in order to prevent uneven water flow. Property owners should also take this opportunity to call a state-certified tester to check the backflow assembly. There are certain rules and regulations that apply to backflow prevention, so it's important to ask for a state-certified specialist.

Install a Rain Sensor

When it comes to avoiding the need for sprinkler repair denver co residents can also take preventative measures toward preventing unnecessary wear. Installing a rain sensor ensures that the sprinkler system will shut off in the event that the area receives sufficient rainfall. Once the moisture levels in the area subside, the sensor will turn the system back on.

Get Started Today

Homeowners who know it's time for that annual maintenance check and don't have the time to perform it themselves can call a repair technician to do this important work for them. Those who have performed their own checks and have found anything that looks suspicious will also want to call a repair technician for sprinkler system repair before the growing season gets underway.

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